About Us

MyCityOnline is a company formed for providing the city info in video form. All city info like businesses info, educational institutes info, places info, people info, news info, events info, offers info, matrimonial info, etc. should be available in video form is the main aim & objective of forming MyCityOnline. Now a days people like watching videos instead of reading text or seeing images of any info. So to make available the info in Video form MyCityOnline has been founded by Mr. Mohammed Rahmatullah in year 2018. Since its launch MyCityOnline has made many videos of different businesses, events, news, schools, colleges, hospitals,etc.

MyCityOnline is a very big project. So in order to make successful this grant project we need your support and well wishes.

We are grateful to the almighty God for supporting and helping us in achieving our goal and target. Also we are grateful to all the people who heard our words and believed us and given us the chance to prove ourselves.