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IFTAAR arranged by AUTO DRIVERS of Station Bazaar Glb at Darul Uloom Shah Abussaood Farhatabad

AUTO DRIVERS of Station Bazaar GULBARGA arranged for the IFTAAR of Students at DARUL ULOOM SHAH ABUSSAOOD, FARHATABAD, Dist. GULBARGA.Maulana Wasiullah Rahmani, Imam-o-Khateeb Masjid-e-Aiwan Shahi was also came to do the IFTAAR with Students of the Madarsa and to encourage and support them morally and emotionally. Also present were:1) Maulana Mohammed Yusuf Sahab RashadiEx-President - Imam Council Karnataka,Bani wo Mohtamim, Darul Uloom Shah Abussaood,Farhatabad Tq. Dist. Kalaburagi.2) Hafiz Zahoor Ahmed Shahpuri NaqshbandiNazim Taalimat wo Sadar Mudarris, Darul Uloom Shah Abussaood,Farhatabad Tq. Dist. Kalaburagi.Thanks for watching this Video.Like and Share this video with all your contacts.And also please SUBSCRIBE to our Channel.#DarulUloomShahAbussaood#Iftaar#RamazanMubarak#AutoDrivers#Gulbarga#Kalaburagi#MyCityOnline#Farhatabad